Quartus Artifactus (2011)
Quartus Artifactus

Quartus artifactus album is the best of FROM.UZ in a progressive chamber style. It is a 2CDs & 1 DVD combo. The album includes a full concert DVD, with behind the scenes supplemental material and 2 CDs of the individual music tracks. Video filmed at Ilkhom Theater, 23rd of June 2009

Favourite track: all of them

Seventh Story (2010)
FROM.UZ - Seventh Story

Seventh story is the second studio album of FROM.UZ. It was recorded over three months at Iosis Studio in Tashkent with producer Igor Iosis.
“Not progressive rock and, not jazz or blues it’s probably prog-fusion. I think we’ve made a record which will be interesting to listeners of all over the world. This album is about an artistic person, a story of human’s loneliness, a story of the attitude to life”.

Favourite track: Taken

Overlook (2008)

Overlook is the second FROM.UZ progressive rock album released in September 2008 by 10t Records. It is a conceptual album consisting of 5 tracks. Work on the album has been proceeded since April 2007 till January 2008. It was recorded at Iosis Studio and studio of The Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan.

Members of FROM.UZ are proud they could save own style. As in the first album the guitar is also an essential ingredient here. Overlook draws from a wide range of genres and influences, including prog rock, blues rock, art rock and jazz.

Favourite track: 13th August

Audio Diplomacy (2007)
FROM.UZ - Audio Diplomacy

FROM.UZ is an uzbek prog rock band promoting progressive rock ideas interesting to listeners of all over the world. The group actively gives concerts and the result of such concert activity is a new album that is called Audio Diplomacy.

New album consists of 10 live tracks that were played on concert, but had never issued before. Listeners all over the world can find in this album classic prog rock riffs enriched with guitar improvisations by Vitaly Popeloff and space rock arpeggios by Albert Khalmurzaev. Critics named the style of FROM.UZ as prog-fusion.

Favourite track: Harry Heller Theater


Inside Seventh Story (2010)

This DVD contains live concert recorded at Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan in September 2008. This show is an original live version of“Seventh Story” concept album, which includes some elements of dramatic art.

FROM.UZ invited actors Khasan and Khusan Salikhov especially for this show. This performance is an excellent and special mix of theater and progressive rock music.

Favourite track: Bell of the Earth


ProgSphere’s Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness – Part 1 (2010)

ProgSphere’s Progstravaganza Compilation of Awesomeness — is a downloadable progressive rock compilation of Prog Sphere blogzine.

The author of idea — Nikola “Astrallis” Savić (blogzine president). The artwork made by Påhl Sundström, the guitarist of Klotet prog band (also featuring this album).

FROM.UZ Influence Of Time (from Seventh Story album) is represented on this album.

10T: UNDERCOVER (2009)
10T Undercover

Undercover is a 10T Records compilation album. The label asked each of its artists to select a song by another artist, that was influental in their own musical identity and their creativity. The mission was not to do simple cover, but reinterpret composition in own style and unique sound.

“This collection’s purpose is to pay homage to superb artists from our distant and recent past while providing our listeners with a unique view into the current mindset of these talented musicians with whom 10T Records is honored to be associated,” says 10T Records president Steve Carroll.

FROM.UZ chose legendary King CrimsonStarless and Bible Black