Interview with Igor Iosis and FROM.UZ

Igor Iosis (producer): I would like to introduce you the new FromUz. It is almost half a year as they work together. The new album is almost ready, and the release will be quite soon. Thus all the fans of our music in the entire world, I hope, shall get a product for real gourmet.

First of all I would like you to meet the two music leaders of FromUz — these are Vitaliy (Popeloff) and Albert (Khalmurzaev). Vitaliy shall tell you so much more interesting on the musical part of work and the new musicians we have now and for long more, I hope.

Vitaliy Popeloff (musician, composer): Hope we’re doing well. Actually, yes, we haму some changes in the group. Some of the musicians left and the other new came, but FromUz keeps moving on and we have new things to show. I would like to thank those who played in FromUz and all the present musicians. Nowadays FromUz is the following: a marvelous drummer, the heart of FromUz — Ali Izmaylov. And I would like you to meet also the brilliant bass guitar player — Surat Kasimov. We’ve also invited the second key-board player, Igor Elizov. That is really a talented person, though he is lazy a little…

Igor Iosis (producer): Lazy and talented…

Igor Elizov (key-board): I’ll change for the best…

Vitaliy Popeloff (musician, composer): I think it’s allrihgt! And now I would like you to meet Mr. Iosis, the producer of FromUz. Thank to Igor FromUz have all the opportunities to develop and work at a sufficient level. Igor Iosis gives us a real support in all the activities.

Also, one of the members of FromUZ, my friend, our dear colleague is Albert Khalmurzaev. We wright the music, work it all out and make up a conception together. And it really makes me feel absolutely happy to work on, work together with all the musicians we have in FromUz now. These are really talented people, as you see. As for me, I won’t say anything on about myself.

Igor Iosis (producer): Let the music say…

Albert Khalmurzaev (musician, composer): Let us tell on about you. We’ve been working together for many years, and I can say Vitaliy is a good musician and a very good man. I think he is very happy to do the music as he does. And I am glad to work with all the introduced musicians. A great deal is for the efforts of Igor Iosis, our producer.  FromUz keep on moving, and the present project  The seventh story», as we’ve all decided, shall develop in DVD, and a full CD version. We also plan to make the acoustic variant of. We’ll see. The whole music was ready in tree months, quite a rapid manner. The last step took us to work out the conception, define the sounds and work the finals out. For me personally it was very interesting to work with the new musicians. Suppose they have worked the new FromUz project out. As we have new drummer, bass guitar player and the key board player — a whole range of tuff musicians. The ideas might appear anyway — the present or past FromUz collective, but we had a great fear to loose the specific energetic and a philosophy of real FromUz as a unity, independently of the musician s playing in. Hopefully, we’ve managed to save the soul of FromUz. Guess, you watch the interview having watched the concert, you know what I mean. You may have your own decision if we’ve succeeded, whether there are some changes in or you find us somehow. We’ll be happy to receive any ideas on, so, please welcome to the web-site or e-mail us, as the magic is when the art gives any to the spectator’s soul.

Vitaliy Popeloff (musician, composer): There is also an important thing about the new album music — while creating me had no concerns much on the technique of implementation. Having new members in FromUz the style has changes a little bit, as I think, but the sound is the same. As for the acoustic version, the next album, quite possible, might appear more chambers like, paying attention to the music itself out of numerous specifications. The acoustic version might be an illustration through the music idea. They say there exists so called the fourth album syndrome» — that is a difficult period, and the music of the forth album, as you may see from the example of real monsters of music, can make a musicians like top of the hill, or shift one off. Thus we’d like to make some changes in the manner. And we are very interested to find your opinion on the music we make, if we’ve succeeded. As far as we know, the second album is top sales. As for the new ideas in the third album — this time we included some vocal part in, it explains better the things we’d like to say. And the tendency shall progress more, I suppose. Guess these are all the thoughts on the product. And now I propose to talk to the new members of FromUz, find out ideas they have on the work we do together.

Igor Elizov (key-board): Well, that might be a shock for everybody here, but one of the reasons it is pleasant for me to work on, is the process itself. I mean all the process of rehearsals, concerts we give, and the communicational part as well. And I can tell you for sure, in case the FromUz shall decide to play some other style — techno, brake bit, drum-n-base or other, I shall play still, as I am too keen in the process.

Ali Izmailov (drums): The same. I am also in the process, it was very interesting for to change from classics to modern music, and the sound itself, the amplitude. And the change from chamber sound to the other music type — it all attractive to, and the style. And the relationships we have — it is a very warm creative atmosphere. When Vitaliy invited me to the group, I had no idea on what kind of music they play. For any musician it is an important moment — going from one group to another, as you never know how the relationships shall develop. Here I found very good, kind and creative atmosphere. And I think FromUz found its new style for the latest half of the year, and that is great. It is always good to search and find. Challenge, I shall say.

Igor Elizov (key-board): And I would like to add, Aly is assistant professor in Uzbek State Conservatory. It’s just he spoke some on the change from chamber to modern music that is for you to know — Aly is a conservatory person.

Surat Kasimov (bass guitar): For any creative person it is very important to have all this process developing — rehearsals, search of sounds, training. In FromUz the level of music high and requires person to work much on self-developing.

Vitaliy Popeloff (musician, composer): Yes, indeed, we rehearse much. Sometimes we have some days off, but then we met again and continue work. By the way, this year FromUz celebrates five years as was founded. And at the moment the collective is of ideal combination of musicians, I suppose. It is delightful for me to understand in Uzbekistan exists FromUz, playing good music well, and we are ready to show us to the world. Sometimes we hear from the other countries festival managers, it is hard to reach us. We ready to contact any festival of any country and join easily. Let the music play.

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