Welcome to Fromuz band official website! Fromuz is a progressive rock band that creates a high-energy blend of complex classic prog rock, instrumental rock, jazz fusion and prog metal along with healthy doses of European and Asian influences. On this website you can find latest news, photos and other information about band. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


Quartus Artifactus wallpaper in 1280 x 960

FromuzQA1280x960 300x225 Wallpapers

Quartus Artifactus wallpaper in 1024 x 768

Quartus Artifactus wallpaper in 800 x 600

Seventh Story progressive rock wallpaper in 1024X768

7thStory1024X768hi 300x225 Wallpapers

Seventh Story wallpaper in 800 x 600

Another Seventh Story wallpaper in 1024X768

7thStory1024X768Lo 300x225 WallpapersThis wallpaper in 800X600

Overlook wallpaper in 1280X960

Overlook1280X960 300x225 Wallpapers

Overlook wallpaper in 1024×768

Overlook wallpaper in 800X600

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